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What is floating?

Floating is the ability to experience nothing. That’s right! Nothing.

When you think about it, you spend your life constantly receiving some kind of stimulation. Between work, school, driving, talking, eating and everything else you are never really at rest. Your brain is constantly receiving input, be it through sound, sight, or smell, your brain spends a large amount of its energy trying to process this information so you can function as a human being. Even when you are sleeping you are still receiving some sort of input. Have you ever been dreaming when an external sound ended up manifesting itself as a part of your dream?

On top of the external stimulation your body is constantly spending a large amount of its resources fighting gravity. Your legs feel the stress of the weight of your body after walking all day. Your neck is constantly supporting the weight of your head. Your back muscles are constantly trying to keep you up right. Even your heart is working extra hard to make sure your blood is getting pumped to every extremity.

Scientists have estimated that up to 90 percent of the brain’s work is derived from the stimuli of our routine external environment. The float pod is an environment which allows the user to be detached from any external sources of input, and for the first time feel true deep relaxation.

The pod is filled with 10 inches of water that is saturated with 1100 lbs of the highest grade Magnesium Sulfate, also known as Epson salt. The Epson salt brings the density of the solution to 1.27-1.31 which is just about the maximum amount of salt that can be dissolved in the water before it starts to solidify on the tank’s bottom. The high density allows the user to float effortlessly on the surface, supporting every inch evenly and reducing the effects of gravity on the body by 80%. The water and air in the tank are kept at skin temperature making it almost impossible to tell where the body ends and the water begins. The soundproof walls of the pod keep any external sound out. When the user closes the lid and turns off the light they enter an environment where the only input they experience is themselves.