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Visiting FloatNL at Winterholme Wellness Centre and Spa

If you are a first-time floater with FloatNL, below are the necessary steps in ensuring an exceptional first visit with floatation therapy

Before your visit

Avoid shaving, tanning, waxing (or anything that would increase skin sensitivity) the day of your session

The contact with the high concentration of salt may cause some stinging. If you have any cuts or scrapes we recommend that you cover them with the Vaseline that is provided in the float room. This way you will keep the salt out of the cut for the duration of the float and should feel no pain at all

Please avoid consuming caffeine the day of your float

Caffeine is a stimulant and sometimes causes people to feel a little bit anxious. We want you to feel completely relaxed while floating and give you the best chance to completely let go.

Don’t over hydrate your body

We all know what happens when you drink too much water…The last thing you want while you are completely relaxed is to feel like you have to go to the bathroom.

Avoid floating on a completely full or completely empty stomach. We recommend eating a very light meal or a snack before you float

as we mentioned above, we want to decrease the chance of any distractions while in the tank, where there is no external stimulation at all, any stress on your stomach – being too empty or too full – will distract you from what you are trying to achieve.


If this is your first experience at FloatNL

If this is your first experience at FloatNL, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to watch the walk-through video which also includes the instructions outlined on this page.
A staff member will guide you to your room and will show you how to use the tank. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have

If you are a returning client

If you are a returning client, please arrive 10 minutes before. Using the restroom before your floating experience is recommended

Before you float

Once in the float room you will enjoy complete privacy

The room is equipped with your own shower, bathroom, a place to hang your clothes, fresh towels, ear plugs, makeup removal wipes, and Vaseline

It is mandatory for all clients to take shower using our unscented body wash prior to entering the tank

This ensures that any dirt, scent, or oil is completely washed off each client’s body and hair and does not end up in the pod. We also recommend that you remove any jewelry prior to entering the pod.

We recommend applying Vaseline on any cut or scrape prior to entering the salt water

As mentioned above, salt can cause some discomfort when it makes contact with any sensitive skin. A good layer of Vaseline over the sensitive area will keep the salt water from making contact and causing any discomfort. The Vaseline stays on your skin during the entire float and gets washed off in the post-float shower.

We highly recommend that you turn off your phone or put it on silent prior to getting into the tank

Last thing you want is to get a text message or phone call while you try to explore the universe!

In the tank

You will enter the pod and pull down the door (or leave it open, if you prefer)

There will be a light on in the pod and some relaxing music will be playing for the first 10 minutes. On your left side there will be a button which controls the lights, you can choose different colors or turn the light off. This is completely up to each individual, but we recommend that you float in total darkness with the door completely shut. If you choose to float in the dark you will notice the room light around the rim of the door, this light is controlled by a motion sensor and will shut off on its own after a few minutes. The door can also be kept partially open, and does not lock in any way so you can exit the pod at any time. There is also a button on the right side which can be used to call a staff member if you require assistance.

Getting used to your new environment

” You have probably never experienced anything like this before so it will feel a little strange at first. That’s natural. All you have to do is just lay back and the water will hold you up. Some people like to float with their hands by their sides, and some people like to float with their hands above their head. One thing to note is to be careful when moving your hands around as you do not want to splash the salty water in your eyes. If you happen to get some in your eyes, there is a spray bottle with fresh water in it located inside the tank you can use to clean your eyes out. We recommend to let your head get fully supported on its own by the water but we also provide a small pool noodle as some people find it more comfortable.

Centering yourself in the tank

Once flat on your back you will notice that any small motion made by your body will shift it to one side of the tank. Although the tank is quite large, you will be slowly ‘bouncing’ from wall to wall. This is normal for beginners. What you need to do is resist the urge to push back off of the wall and just let your body make its way back to the center of the tank. After a few trips around the tank you will end up in the middle where you want to be.


For possibly the first time ever, your body will experience true weightlessness. Without any effects of gravity on your body you will notice that your muscles and joints are under no stress, and any pain usually felt by this stress will be greatly reduced or completely disappear.

Letting go

This is the tricky part, and like all new skills it is going to take some practice and patience. Most people have never experienced a situation where their senses are not receiving any external stimulation at all. There are always some sounds, lights, phone calls, emails, but in the float pod there is not. Your brain is left in charge with entertaining itself, and this is a good thing. In the first part of the float you may find yourself laying there and think about a million different things, work, your family, bills, and anything in between. It is almost like when you are trying to sleep but your brain decides that you have other things to deal with. Well now it’s your time to try to show your brain who is in charge, and you have the perfect environment to do it! We recommend to try and clear your mind is to just focus on your breathing, slowly, just take deep breaths, in and out… over and over. This may take you 5 minutes or most of the session, but it will get easier the more you float and the time between getting in the tank and “letting go” will become shorter and shorter. Eventually you will reach a state of relaxation generally not achieved in our modern world stimulus. What happens in that state is unique to each client, and we look forward to hearing what your experience was like.

After your session

Nearing the end of your session, music will begin to play, and in your last few minutes the lights will come on. Once your relaxation time is over, take a few minutes to shower as the Epsom salts will need to be washed off. There is a post float area where you are welcome to hang out and enjoy some tea and you can also share your floating experience in our float journal.