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About Us

St. John’s first and only float pod exclusively located in Winterholme Wellness Centre and Spa at 79 Rennie’s Mill Road.

Welcome to FloatNL, Newfoundland’s first float pod. Whether it’s your first time experiencing the therapeutic relaxation of a float pod, or you’re a returning client, FloatNL aims to provide an environment to help ease your sensory stimulation overload and help reduce your stress from everyday life.

Our Story

FloatNL was started by Constantine Khvorostian in 2017. Constantine has been interested in floatation therapy since 2012 when he first heard about it on the Joe Rogan Podcast while working as an Engineering student in Fort McMurray. Working in a high-pace and high-stress environment lead to the curiosity of the benefits provided through floatation therapy, such as stress reduction, increase of focus and the enhanced physical relaxation. He looked around for a place offering the service, only to find out at the time that the closest place was located in Vancouver, with only a few centers throughout Canada, none of which were located in either Fort McMurray or his home town of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Constantine was so intrigued with the concept he even contacted several different tank manufacturers to see if he could purchase a tank for his own private use, but quickly learned that the price of a tank was way more than what he could afford as a student at the time, especially since he had never even tried one before.

In 2015 Constantine was sent on some training in Abu Dhabi and the first thing he thought of was to look up any place providing floatation therapy. He found a spa not far from where he was staying, mentioned it to a few other engineers from his class who came from several different countries, and it turned out that they have also been very eager to try a float pod. They all booked appointments immediately and went later that day. The experience was so incredible he knew he had to bring one to his own town in St. John’s so the people there could experience the benefits he had.

He began doing more research and found out that in the 3 years since 2012 there has been a great increase in both floatation centers throughout Canada and also flotation tank manufacturers. He realized that there are now many different types of tanks to choose from and many different ways to float. Since only floating once in one type of tank he decided to take a trip across Canada and visit different floatation centers to help him decide which tank to get. He traveled from St. John’s to Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver allowing him to see different types of tanks as well as learning more about operating a floatation center.

Upon his return he reached out to Rebecca Gladney, RMT and managing partner at Winterholme Wellness, who connected him with her business partner and owner of Winterholme, Lisa Cook.

Winterholme Spa has been a leader in providing natural wellness services for clients for years, and since the transition into a WellnessCenter in addition to the Spa in January 2016, the pair had been looking into flotation therapy hoping to bring its benefits to St. John’s.

Winterholme Spa is a full service day spa offering manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, relaxation massages and body treatments, Mom+Baby spa days, and a full “Men-u”. Winterholme Wellness boasts two of four Naturopathic Doctors in the province, an experienced team of Registered Massage Therapists with 40+ years experience between them, and Registered Acupuncturists with experience treating many different ailments.

With a focus on helping the population live better, perform better – in sport and at work/school, and feel better – both mentally and physically, the addition of FloatNL to Winterholme is a perfect fit and they’re thrilled to offer this service to current and new clients wanting to experience it’s incredible benefits!